We are here to provide a helping hand as and when you need us. 

In the wake of last night’s announcement of new rules, we will be suspending all regular cleaning and general help work for the period of lockdown (or, as we prefer to call it, hibernation).
We will, however, be available to help our families as and when we are needed. We will continue to make nappy and meal deliveries as well as running errands – if you find yourself needing groceries or medicine picked up, just send us a message and one of our lovely helpers will come and deliver.
We are also planning to offer to support key workers who need childcare, including overnight, so if you know someone who may need cover for night or day shifts, ask them to get in touch to see if we can help.
Some of our customers have been asking about our special MLH ‘covid spray’ (a refillable glass spray jar with a strong solution of Milton fluid and Dr Bronners soap) that our cleaners were using. These are available for £5 and we will refill them for £2.
Our final offering is a trial of a new idea: Skype decluttering. We will be offering it at a reduced rate while we figure it out, so if you are trying to have a clear out and getting stuck, get in touch for the trial.
Finally, we just want to say thank you to you all for being such a lovely bunch of customers. We have been really moved by your offers of support for us and the Helpers, and although we haven’t got round to responding to these amazing messages yet we would like you to know how touched and grateful we are.

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