Here to provide a helping hand as and when you need us. 

Too much going on to fit all of the chores in?  Take a break for a while and let us do it instead. We offer a whole range of services to help all families.  We offer a social distancing compliant cleaning service to help you keep on top of the housework, deliver home-cooked meals prepared from scratch, wash and deliver cloth nappies, operate a sling library and advice service, look after children (check with us to let us know your specific situation), and sell vouchers to make it easier for you to offer friends and family some loving support.

Our massage services are on ice for now, but we are still happy to offer decluttering support, either by facetime or from 2m away in your own home!

For our existing clients – thank you all for your recent support. You’re amazing! We have managed to furlough most of the Helpers and stay afloat pretty well.

We operate mainly in Cambridge City for now, please contact us if you are a bit further out.

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