Price List


Cleaning, home help £12/hour
  Food delivery £42/5 days
  Nappy laundry £11/week
  Clothes bundles £5 each
  Decluttering £20/hour, sliding scale on request
  Sling Library £15 for initial visit, that includes a £15 sling hire voucher£5 a week per sling, with reductions for long term loans *
   Massage or Reflexology £45/session
  Dog walking, pet care £12/hour for walking
 babysitting small  Childcare  £12/hour
Gardening £20/hour for regular (2 hours + a month for 6 or more months)£22 for one offs or trials, reduced on becoming a regular
  Gifts  see ‘gifts’ page

*There is also a deposit for each sling, which is fully refundable when you return it in good condition.

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