quick start guide

You will need:

approximately 20 nappies, whichever kind/s you have chosen.
1 roll of disposable liners OR as many fleece liners as you have nappies (ie approx 20)
nappi nippas, unless your nappies have poppers or velcro fastenings
baby wipes for clean-up
3 or 4 wraps
1 sturdy bucket with tight fitting lid
1 packet of bicarb of soda, to sprinkle on nappies and minimise smells
1 packet of gentle, non-bio washing powder or liquid (or soapnuts, balls, etc)
a washing machine or other means of washing your nappies
somewhere to dry them (pegged on an outside line’s ideal, consider a ceiling airer if you can’t)

That’s pretty much enough to get you started. You may need barrier cream later if your baby has sensitive skin, and a changing mat, a container for wet wipes and a plastic bag for storing wet or dirty nappies if you are going out, but changes are easily done on a folded towel at home.

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