Prefold How To

A quick recap of the folding method for prefold nappies (as used in the laundry service).

Imagine my hand as the bottom half of a baby, wrist is the waist and thumb and pinky are the legs. Until I reshoot these pictures with a doll, anyway..

IMG_0023 Lay the baby on the nappy, folded so that the length corresponds to the distance between the back of the waist and the belly button. For a girl, put the double thickness under her waist, for a boy (as pictured), place it at the front.
 IMG_0024 Fold the sides in at an angle so that the nappy ends up as a triangle with the point cut off – wide at the waist, narrow between the legs
 IMG_0026  Grab the narrow part and pull it up between the baby’s legs to the belly button. Pro tip – if you fold the material inwards between the legs as you go, baby has more kicking room, and it’s harder for poo to escape.
 IMG_0028  Grab the corners at the back of the nappy, and ease them open to make tabs, bringing them over towards the belly button, ready to secure.
 IMG_0029  Attach the nappi nippa, left and right sides first, then the middle arm. Make sure everything is snug but not too tight.  All ready to put on your waterproof pants!

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