muslins and terries

MUSLINS: You probably already have some muslins, as they are now used mainly as burp cloths and for wiping up spills. However, if you are pregnant and looking for some first nappies for your newborn, muslins are ideal, as unlike terries and commercial shaped nappies, they won’t swamp your newborn’s tiny frame, and will deal with smaller babies’  pee and poo very well. They also make a great slimmer-fit nappy for older babies teamed with a booster, which keeps the absorbency between the legs and minimises the need for giant trousers.

Muslins cost a little over a pound apiece and are available at mothercare, amazon, ebay, and most other places that sell baby equipment. If you live in Cambridge, I can get you some for a bit cheaper – email in and ask.

Here’s one way to fold them, demonstrated by the wonderful Nappy Lady

The Jo fold

TERRIES are basically small towels, about 60cm². They have traditionally been made from cotton, but are now available in bamboo fibres too, which are more absorbent (though slower drying), better for the environment and naturally antibacterial. You can create your own for free by cutting and hemming old towels, or buy them from Mothercare, Daily Bread in Cambridge, or online. They usually cost from £1-£4 apiece, or again I can get them for you if you are local. They will fit babies from newborn (though it must be said most do look like teletubbies in a terry nappy) to potty training.

Here’s how to fold one.



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