thrifty parent

The good news is you’re already saving a lot of money by choosing cloth!

Disposables currently cost an average of about £1700 per child, assuming they potty train at 2 and a half years old and don’t use swim nappies or pull ups, which are a lot more expensive than the 20p average disposable. That’s also set to rise along with petrol prices.

Even so, getting yourself a set of cloth nappies can be a major expense – most people use about 20, which can set you back anything from a couple of hundred pounds up to £600 or so for the most expensive.

Fortunately, there are a few thrifty ways of spending less on nappies; using the much cheaper muslins or terries, or getting crafty and making your own shaped nappies and wraps.

You can even bring your total nappy costs down to almost zero by using old towels for nappies and fleeces and shower curtains to make the wraps. This is actually a pretty good option, as towelling becomes more absorbent with age, and you can dye them pretty colours for that ‘eco chic baby’ look.

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