Nappy Resources

Welcome to our nappy resources page, where we try to guide you through the process of choosing and using cloth nappies, and finding the system among all those out there that works best for you.


Laundry customers – go to the Prefold How To page for a step by step guide to folding a prefold.

Try the Nappy Basics page to find out about all the different types of nappies available on the market so that you know which kind you are interested in using.

If you are interested in our ‘thrifty parent’ options, follow the link for advice on how to get sorted for nappies for free or at very low cost.

For a handy checklist of what you will need to start with cloth nappies, visit our ‘Quick Start‘ page.

Questions about storage, laundry, stain removal, hints for drying and using nappies are here.

Flat nappies are definitely worth considering, in spite of their old-fashioned reputation. Find out why here.

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