Our Commitments

When we started this business, we decided we wanted it to have as low an impact on the planet as possible. So, we talked to the people at Cambridge Carbon Footprint, who helped us come up with some ideas.

  • We try to get around by bike (that’s why we only do business in Cambridge city!)
  • Do our paperwork digitally.
  • Our home-made meals are as low impact as we can make them – either vegetarian or vegan, and delivered in reusable containers.
  • We sell and launder washable nappies (and even have organic bamboo ones).
  •  Pre-loved baby clothes are available on request.
  • When cleaning your house, we are happy to use eco cleaning products and we prefer to garden organically.
  • All the artwork on our site is made from second hand electrons and ripped up bits of paper. We’re still not sure if that makes us eco-warriors or recycled primary school art teachers!

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