Mama’s Wishlists

Our wishlists are an ideal way for friends and family to give you presents.  You can specify things from us that you would like, or they can buy you vouchers so that you can decide later as and when you need our services!  Just contact us, and we will set one up for you.  Your wishlist will not be visible to the public, but here is an example:

Louise’s wishlist page- example

Hi, if you are wondering what kind of gift you can send me, I have chosen the pamper bundle from Mother’s Little Helpers as a baby shower gift! This bundle is my dream wish list, some mum and baby yoga, massage and some practical things too- and all of it will be used, not slung in the back of a wardrobe and forgotten about.  Thanks, Louise

You can pay via credit card or Paypal by clicking on the buttons below, you do not need to have a Paypal account to use it.  If you would like to pay by any other means, please contact us.  You can also buy Louise vouchers for gifts and services and she can decide nearer the time what she would like.  You can include a personal message to go with your gift during the Paypal process, your shopping cart will appear at the bottom of the page.

Help in the garden (£15/hr)

A lovely relaxing massage (£36 for one session)

1Week’s worth of cloth nappies and laundry  (£11)

£42 a week for 2 adults and maybe a small child
Toy and try out of equipment (£5 for 1 week’s membership)  
£10 Gift
£20 Gift


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