We donate a percentage of our profits to a Cambridge based charity which supports women and children in East Timor, one of the world’s newest and poorest nations. Even amid the current unrest in East Timor, still the most dangerous thing a woman can do is get pregnant. Up to 800 women per 100,000 do not survive childbirth, while 85 babies die in every 1000 live births.

Only 10% of women in East Timor give birth in a hospital. Why? One reason is the mother’s shame at not having basic supplies either for herself or for her new baby. The Alola `Maternity Packs’ project aims to take away the cause of this shame ­ and thus help reduce the high mortality rates for East Timor’s mothers and their babies.

Our funds will specifically go toward sending Maternity packs to pregnant women, which contain the basic essentials for the mother and her baby – clothing, sanitary items and nappies – as well as important information on breastfeeding and postnatal care. The packs are produced in East Timor, promoting local employment of women, and money also goes towards supporting Alola’s maternal and child health program to provide breastfeeding counselling, as well as funding community support to encourage women to give birth in a hospital or health facility.

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