Our Helpers

Lucy Fyfe

Lucy is the co-founder of Mother’s Little Helpers, and can often be seen pedalling the Mother’s Little Helpers stripy bike and trailer around Cambridge. 

She is the mother of 3 children between the ages of 21 and 11, and has worked as a project manager, painter and decorator, masseur, book binder, cleaner, nursing assistant, fire performer and cook, though not all at the same time. She is currently doing most of the home visits, so if you need a cleaner, home help, meal or nappy deliveries, you’ll probably be seeing her.

Suzie Webb

Suzie is our competent manager. She has a 5 year old daughter. Her background is in primary education. Sustainable living and care for our environment  are some of her core values. Initially, she was cleaning and doing childcare with Mother’s Little Helpers. Then we got on so well that she started managing the day to day affairs as well as helping some families.

Our other lovely Helpers are Chie, Angela, Araceli, Mari, Richard (aka Ti-Pi), John, Lesley, Kirstin and Gabriela.

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